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From: Varol Okan (varol.okan@movingsatellites.com)
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 09:19:22 EDT

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    I converted the sgp4/sdp4 algorithms into JavaScript (from my C++ version). I had to mengle around a little since JavaScript does not support goto - statements. But it seems to work.
    What do you need : IE 5.5 and above, or Mozilla 0.92 and above (Netscape 6.1)
    What does this mean for you ... 
    Simply if you want to let people track OnLine satellites on your HomePage (without Java, or CGI) you can install the code there (or on your computer). The source is also available in a zipped format.
    My frontend is a suggestion and you might want to completely re-model it. Please feel free to do so. I want only one thing in return. If you find a bug (and I am sure there are some) please let me know ...
    Varol Okan :)
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