IGS O2 (29393)

From: José Luis Ruiz via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016 15:46:29 +0200
Here, the weather is not much these last days, and the next is
unclear. From here, 3602, as the days of this month, IGS O2 will lose by
the northern horizon, and in principle, if there is no re-entry, would not
reappear until November, and in the afternoon. I've been compared to Mike's
orbit on August 19, I still have not updated the possible revision after
the last observation of Leo, and September 1, still quite precise, with
some difference after so long.
The case is that the night of September 1, cloudy weather gave a truce, and
took two not very good photos. The most powerful flashes occurred at the
elevation ranging between Pherkad and Kochab stars. I leave the photos
today, September 1st, more than for calculation can be used to verify that
goes more or less well, perhaps the last, before moving to the afternoon,
if it occurs.
3602,  36.8390ºN, 2.4498ºW, 30 m, Almería (Spain).




José Luis Ruiz Gómez
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